Call of Slender

Call of Slender 4.5

Eerie horror game featuring the creepy Slenderman


  • Atmospheric presentation
  • Scary


  • Jerky controls
  • Slow animation

Not bad

Call of Slender is an Android version of Slender, the popular creepy PC game in which you need to avoid the gaze of the spooky Slenderman.

Your objective in Call of Slender is to wander through the forest looking for the hidden pages without the Slenderman getting you. If you come across him whatever you do don't look at him in the face or you'll die. The best idea is to run away as quick as you can!

Running away quickly is harder than it sounds in Call of Slender, however, since the movement in the game is very slow. Even when you've got the on screen analog stick pushed all the way to the top, you won't get much more than a slow plod from your character. This, coupled with the jerky, hard-to-control turning makes Call of Slender a frustrating game to play at time.

Despite its clunky movement, Call of Slender still manages to provide some scary thrills. The graphics and sound effects are quite true to the original Slender game, making this a scary and atmospheric Android game.

Call of Slender is far from perfect, but it's the closest you'll get to Slender on Android devices.

Call of Slender


Call of Slender 4.5

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